Carlo Blanco: Defensive specialist 

Interview Here:

Carlo Blanco is a Dawson graduate who spent 3 years playing goalie on the Dawson Blues Lacrosse team.

” The first thing I do is try to calm myself down because when I play a game, I can get very nervous so I try to lower my stress and nerves and then I try to remember the process of making a save as a goalie. Then it depends on the situation if I have no chance to get the ball I relax in my net.”Said Blanco on his process of mind during game.

His way of thinking is to predict where the ball will go then he will make his decision off that. For example, if his teammate loses the ball he needs to predict what type of scenario will happen in front of him.

He also claims that the other team could always pass it at last second forcing him to go cross-crease. Being goalie he says that, he must always remain alert as there are many different scenarios that could happen.

Blanco defending his crease.

Even in other sports Blanco played, he always played defense or goalie because of his defensive mind to sports.

“For me it’s always been keep an eye on my man or an eye on the puck or ball. I only played forward once as a joke because in hockey I’m a very stay at home defenseman.” States Blanco on his style of play.

As a goalie Blanco’s first worry is that he better not allow 13 goals on 14 shots or something like that because goalies can make or break a game.

Blanco made it to the finals, 2 out of 3 years on the Dawson Lacrosse team.Although, they lost both times however.

In big games like the finals, the nerves often get to him and he needs to calm down. Later in the game, he gets better.

” A lot of my physical training, is cardio. I need to do a lot sprinting. My game is mainly based on reflexes.” Added Blanco on his training regimen.

His favourite part about sports is meeting new teammates because he sees that a team has a special bond that they all share.

Blanco will always remember the semi-final game against Brebeuf where he was supposed to get an assist where he sent it to his defense and they scored off that play.

Blanco believes that defense is what wins championships because it’s the start of your offense.

Carlo definitely enjoyed his time with the Dawson Lacrosse team.


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