Rona Brodie: National Volleyball player

Here is the interview

Rona Brodie has been teaching Phys. Ed. courses at Dawson for the past 11 years. However before that Rona was a national level athlete in her native Scotland. She played competitively in both volleyball and basketball. However, she spent more time playing volleyball.

She played Volleyball at the Scottish National level in the  1980’s and  1990’s.   After she retired from playing volleyball, she played some basketball before she stopped playing sports competitively. She also played internationally, but the year that she made

For Brodie the way she approached her competitions depended on the situation and the stakes that are involved.  She had different mindsets for each situation.

“It depends on the level of competition, if it’s just a normal league game or if it’s one that you are trying to win a National championship. Whether you are are playing different countries. It’s very specific to how well you think your training has gone, what your chances are in the game, and where you are at in your life.” said Brodie on how her mindset varies from one way to another.

At the National level,  Brodie says the role you play on a team dictates just how you will prepare mentally for a game.

” If you are a young player and not in the starting 6, then your mindset is: am I going to play or sit on the bench,’and when I do get a chance am I going to be able to seaze my opportunity and make the most of it. When I was in the first 6, then I had an opponent in front of me and my mindset was how good am I compared to my opponent.”

In regards to her training for the National level, it was very limited since the program wasn’t funded very well. Brodie and her volleyball teammates would often have to attend training camps during holidays like Easter and Christmas.

” In October, November, January and February, we would also try to get 2 weekends a month” said Brodie.

If Brodie could change one thing about her approach to playing  volleyball competitively for 14 years, it would be  have been that she would have loved to do more physical conditioning to be more prepared.

” I relied more on the intellect side and I didn’t really do the physical conditioning requirement.” said Brodie.

At the time when Brodie played,  Sports Psychology wasn’t really a big part of sport because the coaches didn’t think highly of what the Psychologists were asking the players. It only started to become a profession during her volleyball playing career.

Brodie’s volleyball career ended, due to a back injury, which she could play through but it took her twice as long to recover between games.

She then started playing basketball competitively in the Scottish National league which only lasted a couple years.

After her Basketball career, she started running just to feel good with no goal, just run.

-Rona declined to give a photo or have one taken.


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