Francis Breault: A Career shortened by Injuries

– Please note interview is in french.

Francis Breault was a former NHL player who played parts of 3 NHL seasons. Breault spent his entire NHL career with the Los Angeles Kings. He played 27 games during that time.  He is also the only ever hockey player to have made the NHL from the small town of Acton-Vale (1 hour 30 mins East of Montreal).

Francis Breault mental state is very strong as he let nothing get in his way to make his dream of playing in the NHL come true.

“I made the improbable by getting to the NHL, I was never an extremely As a kid even people close to me would tell me ‘Frank, come on you’ll never make it.’ In minor hockey, I was never the best player on my team. Most NHL players dominated when they were kids. Then there are the few who work their way up in their teens by having the work ethic which that is me. It was so easy for me to quit but with my mentality I was able to overcome it. ” says Francis Breault about his journey to the top.

Despite the handwork, Breault’s career was cut short very early on, as  he tore his ACL 17 games into his first NHL season. His ACL required surgery resulting in him missing the rest of the 1990-1991 season. He had to do 8 months of physiotherapy on his knee before he was ruled back healthy enough to return for the next season.

“The injury took a lot out of me and it really hit my career hard after that.” said Breault.

The next season another  injury set Breault back yet again, this time he played 6 games in the 1991-92 season. When he returned from injury he played with The IHL Phoenix Roadrunners.

The final season of Breault’s  NHL career was spent mostly with the Los Angeles Kings IHL Affiliate the Roadrunners, however  he did play a final 4 games with the Kings before he left the team for good in the 1993 off-season.  He then played one year with the Albany Devils of the AHL before playing a year in England before retiring from hockey at the age of 26.

Breault’s career stats:

Breault’s rookie card via:




” Once my career ended I went straight to coaching. I started off in the QJMHL before I started coaching in the North American Hockey League where I am still coaching today.” says Breault. ” Just like as a player, I pride my coaching on hard-work and I often reward the hard workers for their work.” added Breault.

“When I played I was one the guys in the best shape, in the NHL. I was tested and my body was in tremendous shape even after my injury.” says Breault on the state of his health during his career.

One of Breault’s best memories in the NHL was the game, he played alongside Wayne Gretzky.  ” Wayne once told the Los Angeles newspapers that I was one of the best fore-checkers he ever saw. That’s an honor coming from a guy that good.” says Breault.

Breault may not have had the most amazing career but his work ethic took him a long way.




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