Claudio Pietrantonio:The Rise to the Olympics

Dawson’s own Claudio Pietrantonio is an ice dancer who is in the beginning stages of training for the Olympics. He and his partner,  Allicia Fabbri have just recently came off a second place finish at the Canadian Novice Ice Dancing Nationals.

With this triumph, the pair will need to focus even more as they have been promoted from Novice to Junior level ice Dancing.

The pair have been skating together for the past 2 years. Claudio had to find a new partner after his first partner quit ice Dancing, to skate in singles competition.  He gave Alicia a try,  for two reasons, one he saw that the 11 year old Alicia Fabbri had potential and because she is shorter than him.  ” When you are short like I am, it’s hard to have a partner that fits  with me. However,  Alicia for now is a good fit.” Time will tell if she eventually becomes too tall for him. In the meantime, they will continue to make their rise for the Olympics.

When asked how much time they train per week? Claudio said ” We train 25 hours a week, it’s hard to have a social life when your life revolves around skating, but when you work so hard the triumph is so much better.”

“It will take us another 3 years before we reach the Senior level which is the level to be at if we want to reach the Olympics.” says Claudio.

The pair will be hoping to keep the Olympic dream alive as they continue to move up the ranks to the top.


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